Friday, January 6, 2012

A true Princess

Mommy and I went out walking the other day.  I was off the leash and went into a narrow side street (it has the best of smells!).  Mommy didn't see me and she called out to me: "Princess, where are you?  Come back to mommy Princess!"

Just at that moment a neighbor lady came out of here house.  She looked funny at mommy, thinking mommy had gone banana's.  Then the neighbor lady saw me as I came out of the narrow side street with the good smells and she exclaimed: "OH!!!  It's really a Princess!"

Well duh!!!  Of course I am a princess.  HELLO!?!?!?  Here's a picture of me on my throne to prove it:

In this photo I am just keeping court.  My loyal subject (daddy) required my
attention and as the goodly Princess that I am I gave him all that he needed.

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