Monday, August 22, 2011

Pageviews And Cookies

I've got 71 pageviews!!  Still note quite sure what a 'pageview' is but mommy says I'm really popular.

Please keep the 'pageviews' coming!!  Mommy promised me an extra cookie if I get 250!!

Hugs (and a little lick snuck in there!) from Nina

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I went to the hairdresser.  I didn't know we were going, mommy hadn't told me.

So we got there and I walked right into Leni's yard.  There were 2 cavi friends there to play with, I was all happy.  I didn't recognize the place straight away.

I even walked into the shed because there was this nice looking woman (Leni) who had cuddles for me.  My tail was wagging hard!!

But then I saw it: I'd been here before, this was the place where I was tortured (naturally, my tail stopped wagging)!!  One day I went here and mommy left me.  When mommy came back (after 3 hours!) I was bald…   And mommy was SO happy.  Which actually was the worst, how mommy didn't even seem to mind.  I felt so misunderstood!

So anyway, I didn't want Leni to have her way with me again so I tried to run but mommy grabbed me (darn thumbs!).  Mommy set me on the torture table and left.

Three hours later, this was the result:

Emotionally wiped out!

Physically done with too.

I never want to go to Leni ever again.  It's her fault too that I now can't have my flea circus.  The fleas have nowhere to live now that I'm bald.

On the up side: I did receive 2 cookies when we got home for good behavior!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When we went walking in the woods Sunday, we happened upon a quaint little house.  I figured I'd go live there since my parents were making me walk through the dirt and stuff.

Look, suit for a princess such as myself

I marched right into that garden, ready to beg for shelter (and cookies!) when a guard stopped me.  He said dogs weren't allowed into the palace gardens.

This farm boy probably didn't know that I was royalty too and I tried to explain but he wouldn't listen.

In the end I went home with my parents.  There was nothing I could do, not having the power of speech and all that…

Now it's Tuesday morning and I got 2 cookies already.  I'm starting to be happy I went home with my parents.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Horror Weekend

What a weekend…  it was horrible!  On Saturday mommy got sick and tired of the flea circus I keep on my back.  She tossed me in the tub once more.   Daddy vacuumed and sprayed the house; the works.  The whole house smelled vile!  Don't the parents know that it's so much harder for me to keep pets this way?!?

When I was washed and scrubbed and daddy was done with the spraying, we had to flee the house.  We went to a really nice lunchroom where I got a cookie.  My weekend was saved.  Or so I thought…

Sunday started off nice enough.  Daddy wanted to go to the gym (but not by himself) but mommy said "NO!".  So instead of working out, my parents went for a walk.  And I got to go!  So excited.  I love walks and I love my parents!  So I got in the car, tail a-waggin'.

But my daddy brought us to a forrest.  Did you know that in a forrest it continues to rain even if it's technically no longer raining??  It's horrible!!  And there was all these puddles and dirt…  Mommy and daddy didn't seem to mind but they have walking shoes.  I was dirty from head to toes ('cause: no walking shoes!).   I HATE dirty!!  I'm royalty, I should never be dirty!!

Look how gross I am!  I'm angry and don't want to look at mommy.

Mommy made me look.  But I'm STILL angry!

Look a toadstool.  There were so many… because of the rain. :(

When we came to a pancake house daddy gave me a cookie.  But I was not to be bribed and refused!!  Daddy ought to know that a princess doesn't like wet walks in the wood!

Once home, the horror continued.  Because I was so dirty (through no fault of my own!) I had to take AN OTHER bath!!  And it was all daddy's idea!  The old man should take a bath himself!

After the bath mommy tried to sweet talk me but I was really hurt.

Here you see: I do not negotiate with terrorists!

Today is monday and I got a cookie.  I'm a little better now.  Maybe if I get 10 more cookies I will forgive my parents.

Or maybe 12...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creepy Tuesday Adventure

So I'm sitting on the couch next to mommy. She's eating lunch and I'm hoping for a little bite.  No luck on the little bite but mommy is petting me which is goooood…

All of a sudden, mommy starts shrieking and grabs my little head in a head lock.  Ouch!! Lemme go!!

Mommy's fiddling around a spot that already hurts!  Mommy starts shrieking even LOUDER and the painter lady walks in to check things out (I like her, she always lets me lick her nose which is yummy!).

All of a sudden, I get tossed in the bicycle basket and mommy jumps on and starts peddling. Where are we going??  I'm so stressed!  Shrieking and tossing is no good!

Mommy takes me to the pet store and sweet Ina (well, NORMALLY she's sweet but NOT this time!) starts fondling my head like mommy just did.  Then she pules out a nasty device.  It looks much like a torturing device. I'm so scared!

Ina is pushing and pulling, I have no idea what's going on and mommy still has me in a head lock.  And then…  relieve!!  Such sweet relieve!  Ina shows mommy what's wrong (I snuck a peek): I had a tick!!  And no small one either.  It's HUGE!!!  And grey and scary…

Yuch!!  I want to shriek too (but I'm a puppy so no can do!).  This tick is disgusting and enormous and gross… Poor little me!

This is the sort of torturing device that Ina used to rescue me.  I love Ina again, she's my hero.

Now it's off to bed for me.  So much shrieking and excitement… I'm all pooped out.  Nite, nite! (don't worry, after all this I did get a cookie so I'm all good!)

Best joke ever!!

What has 4 legs, soft fur and a wagging tail???

What's that?? You already knew this joke?  :(

Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Old Days

When I was a little puppy (I'm a BIG girl now!) and mommy and I lived in The Hague (NL), I had a really good grandpa and grandma.  Rob and Wil Lejewaan.  I got to play with grandpa and grandma would walk and feed me if mommy was late from work or something.  I love grandpa and grandma Lejewaan.  I used to get lots of cookies in the store where grandpa worked.  I miss the cookies too…

Grandpa taught me how to be a parrot and sit on his shoulder.  Well, not exactly sit 'cause I'm a puppy and I have no claws.  But look, this is me with grandpa:

Cuddling hard all day long, that's the way I like it!!

I have no pic's of grandma but she was really nice too.

Grandpa suggested I sell my fleas to the flea circus.  Mommy is not crazy about the idea but I think grandpa might be on to something.  If it works, we can make some extra bucks.  And I already know that 'bucks' can be exchanged into cookies at Ina's store!

I'm going to try and convince mommy to sell the fleas.  Thanks for the tip grandpa Lejewaan.  I miss you and grandma very much! (although here in Gouda I have grandma and Grandpa Haveman.  They are very nice too and I get loads of cookies - so no worries, I'm in good company!)
(although occasionally I get a green bean… I'm not to thrilled about those I must say)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Terrifying Thursday

Mommy and daddy always go out to work on Monday, Thursday and Friday and leave me home alone (don't worry - I can get in the yard if I need to do my 'thing') (or just for sunbathing, for that matter). I like it when my parents leave. I have the house to myself and get to catch up on my beauty sleep.

But at some point, my parents were home a lot. They called it 'vacation'. I thought this 'vacation' would interfere with my down time and I was sceptic at first. But it turns out that 'vacation' is not so bad. When my parents are home, I get a lot of cookies during the day! I like cookies!

On this particular Thursday though, the scariest thing happened: daddy went out the front door and mommy went out the back gate. They left!! And I was going to get NO cookies all day long!?!? I was soooo stressed!!

So I came up with a cunning plan (I'm not as dense as I sometimes look!): Stupid mommy didn't close the gate. She left it open for Rebecca, the nice lady that was painting our house at the time. So when mommy biked down the street I ran and I ran as fast as 4 paws could carry me!!

When I had chased mommy for 3 blocks I got really tired. I overtook her so that she could what I was up to. Mommy was so surprised that I ran so fast and that I had come with her. She brought me all the way back home!

My plan came together: once home I received not one, but TWO cookies and mommy called our sweet friend Mieke to puppysit for me. Mieke gave me more cookies still!! I had the best day ever!

I don't really need this kind of excitement all the time. Just the cookies… Yeah, cookies all the time would be nice.

Wednesday = Adventure Day

My daddy has his 'daddy-day' on a Wednesday. This means that on Wednesdays he works from home to take care of his daughter (which is ME!).

A while ago we had a very special Wednesday. The thing that sometimes rings and that daddy uses to talk to went off on this special Wednesday. Daddy talked to it and when he was finished, he started cheering and dancing through the living room!!

I was a little scared because daddy NEVER cheers (not to mention the dancing!!). Daddy spoke to me of a new 'job'.

I don't know what a 'job' is but mommy explained to me it has to do with making money. And money can be used at the pet store in exchange for cookies.

So I'm very happy with this new 'job' of daddy's. I can't imagine a life without cookies (well, not one worth living anyways!).

How it all began

I jumped on mommy's lap and started licking her whole face!! Mommy called me her "Tiniest Little Licking Machine".

So now I'm wondering: if I'm mommy's tiniest licking machine, does mommy also have a biggest licking machine?

And if so… does daddy know??

Party Time

When our favorite pet store had their '3 years old'-party I got my picture taken with Mieke!!

I was also put on the scales… :( Mommy called me 'Little Fatty' after the weighing. Huh, probably hadn't noticed her own behind lately I guess…

After the weighing I was tortured! A nasty woman with creepy clippers grabbed my paws and started clipping like a maniac! I tried to wriggle out of mommy's grasp but it was too tight and mommy had the advantage of having thumbs!! Now I have no more nails and scratching is less fun than it used to be…

On our way home I pooped on the sidewalk! Mommy had to clean it up. Hahaha, that'll teach her calling me 'Little Fatty' and torturing me!

The games people play

The other day mommy lost to daddy in a game of cards. She was very upset and spoke of 'divorce'.

I don't know what 'divorce' is but it sounded fun: I'd get to sleep in mommy's bed all the time!!

I'm so excited, I can't wait!!