Friday, January 20, 2012

Escaped the manic monster

I have escaped!!  I will live!!

Mommy told me that Saartje would be staying with us for a week.  Saartje is grandma and grandpa Van Buren's dog.  She is a real monster!!

But poor grandpa got sick and the doctors won't let him go to the mountains.  So they are staying home and luckily keeping Saartje with them!!

I'm very sorry for grandpa.  He is really nice to me.  I always get to sleep on the sofa when I'm visiting.  Of course I haven't visited since they got Saartje…  Maybe the won't love me no more now…

But I'm not sorry that Saartje isn't coming.  Except that mommy promised me I'd get to visit Mieke a lot of Saartje was here.  Now that she's not coming, I don't know if I still get to go to Miekes…

But I know the way so I might still go if mommy isn't paying attention and I can sneak out…

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