Sunday, August 7, 2011

Terrifying Thursday

Mommy and daddy always go out to work on Monday, Thursday and Friday and leave me home alone (don't worry - I can get in the yard if I need to do my 'thing') (or just for sunbathing, for that matter). I like it when my parents leave. I have the house to myself and get to catch up on my beauty sleep.

But at some point, my parents were home a lot. They called it 'vacation'. I thought this 'vacation' would interfere with my down time and I was sceptic at first. But it turns out that 'vacation' is not so bad. When my parents are home, I get a lot of cookies during the day! I like cookies!

On this particular Thursday though, the scariest thing happened: daddy went out the front door and mommy went out the back gate. They left!! And I was going to get NO cookies all day long!?!? I was soooo stressed!!

So I came up with a cunning plan (I'm not as dense as I sometimes look!): Stupid mommy didn't close the gate. She left it open for Rebecca, the nice lady that was painting our house at the time. So when mommy biked down the street I ran and I ran as fast as 4 paws could carry me!!

When I had chased mommy for 3 blocks I got really tired. I overtook her so that she could what I was up to. Mommy was so surprised that I ran so fast and that I had come with her. She brought me all the way back home!

My plan came together: once home I received not one, but TWO cookies and mommy called our sweet friend Mieke to puppysit for me. Mieke gave me more cookies still!! I had the best day ever!

I don't really need this kind of excitement all the time. Just the cookies… Yeah, cookies all the time would be nice.

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