Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creepy Tuesday Adventure

So I'm sitting on the couch next to mommy. She's eating lunch and I'm hoping for a little bite.  No luck on the little bite but mommy is petting me which is goooood…

All of a sudden, mommy starts shrieking and grabs my little head in a head lock.  Ouch!! Lemme go!!

Mommy's fiddling around a spot that already hurts!  Mommy starts shrieking even LOUDER and the painter lady walks in to check things out (I like her, she always lets me lick her nose which is yummy!).

All of a sudden, I get tossed in the bicycle basket and mommy jumps on and starts peddling. Where are we going??  I'm so stressed!  Shrieking and tossing is no good!

Mommy takes me to the pet store and sweet Ina (well, NORMALLY she's sweet but NOT this time!) starts fondling my head like mommy just did.  Then she pules out a nasty device.  It looks much like a torturing device. I'm so scared!

Ina is pushing and pulling, I have no idea what's going on and mommy still has me in a head lock.  And then…  relieve!!  Such sweet relieve!  Ina shows mommy what's wrong (I snuck a peek): I had a tick!!  And no small one either.  It's HUGE!!!  And grey and scary…

Yuch!!  I want to shriek too (but I'm a puppy so no can do!).  This tick is disgusting and enormous and gross… Poor little me!

This is the sort of torturing device that Ina used to rescue me.  I love Ina again, she's my hero.

Now it's off to bed for me.  So much shrieking and excitement… I'm all pooped out.  Nite, nite! (don't worry, after all this I did get a cookie so I'm all good!)

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