Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wednesday = Adventure Day

My daddy has his 'daddy-day' on a Wednesday. This means that on Wednesdays he works from home to take care of his daughter (which is ME!).

A while ago we had a very special Wednesday. The thing that sometimes rings and that daddy uses to talk to went off on this special Wednesday. Daddy talked to it and when he was finished, he started cheering and dancing through the living room!!

I was a little scared because daddy NEVER cheers (not to mention the dancing!!). Daddy spoke to me of a new 'job'.

I don't know what a 'job' is but mommy explained to me it has to do with making money. And money can be used at the pet store in exchange for cookies.

So I'm very happy with this new 'job' of daddy's. I can't imagine a life without cookies (well, not one worth living anyways!).

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