Sunday, August 21, 2011


I went to the hairdresser.  I didn't know we were going, mommy hadn't told me.

So we got there and I walked right into Leni's yard.  There were 2 cavi friends there to play with, I was all happy.  I didn't recognize the place straight away.

I even walked into the shed because there was this nice looking woman (Leni) who had cuddles for me.  My tail was wagging hard!!

But then I saw it: I'd been here before, this was the place where I was tortured (naturally, my tail stopped wagging)!!  One day I went here and mommy left me.  When mommy came back (after 3 hours!) I was bald…   And mommy was SO happy.  Which actually was the worst, how mommy didn't even seem to mind.  I felt so misunderstood!

So anyway, I didn't want Leni to have her way with me again so I tried to run but mommy grabbed me (darn thumbs!).  Mommy set me on the torture table and left.

Three hours later, this was the result:

Emotionally wiped out!

Physically done with too.

I never want to go to Leni ever again.  It's her fault too that I now can't have my flea circus.  The fleas have nowhere to live now that I'm bald.

On the up side: I did receive 2 cookies when we got home for good behavior!

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