Monday, August 15, 2011

Horror Weekend

What a weekend…  it was horrible!  On Saturday mommy got sick and tired of the flea circus I keep on my back.  She tossed me in the tub once more.   Daddy vacuumed and sprayed the house; the works.  The whole house smelled vile!  Don't the parents know that it's so much harder for me to keep pets this way?!?

When I was washed and scrubbed and daddy was done with the spraying, we had to flee the house.  We went to a really nice lunchroom where I got a cookie.  My weekend was saved.  Or so I thought…

Sunday started off nice enough.  Daddy wanted to go to the gym (but not by himself) but mommy said "NO!".  So instead of working out, my parents went for a walk.  And I got to go!  So excited.  I love walks and I love my parents!  So I got in the car, tail a-waggin'.

But my daddy brought us to a forrest.  Did you know that in a forrest it continues to rain even if it's technically no longer raining??  It's horrible!!  And there was all these puddles and dirt…  Mommy and daddy didn't seem to mind but they have walking shoes.  I was dirty from head to toes ('cause: no walking shoes!).   I HATE dirty!!  I'm royalty, I should never be dirty!!

Look how gross I am!  I'm angry and don't want to look at mommy.

Mommy made me look.  But I'm STILL angry!

Look a toadstool.  There were so many… because of the rain. :(

When we came to a pancake house daddy gave me a cookie.  But I was not to be bribed and refused!!  Daddy ought to know that a princess doesn't like wet walks in the wood!

Once home, the horror continued.  Because I was so dirty (through no fault of my own!) I had to take AN OTHER bath!!  And it was all daddy's idea!  The old man should take a bath himself!

After the bath mommy tried to sweet talk me but I was really hurt.

Here you see: I do not negotiate with terrorists!

Today is monday and I got a cookie.  I'm a little better now.  Maybe if I get 10 more cookies I will forgive my parents.

Or maybe 12...

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