Sunday, August 7, 2011

Party Time

When our favorite pet store had their '3 years old'-party I got my picture taken with Mieke!!

I was also put on the scales… :( Mommy called me 'Little Fatty' after the weighing. Huh, probably hadn't noticed her own behind lately I guess…

After the weighing I was tortured! A nasty woman with creepy clippers grabbed my paws and started clipping like a maniac! I tried to wriggle out of mommy's grasp but it was too tight and mommy had the advantage of having thumbs!! Now I have no more nails and scratching is less fun than it used to be…

On our way home I pooped on the sidewalk! Mommy had to clean it up. Hahaha, that'll teach her calling me 'Little Fatty' and torturing me!

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