Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Old Days

When I was a little puppy (I'm a BIG girl now!) and mommy and I lived in The Hague (NL), I had a really good grandpa and grandma.  Rob and Wil Lejewaan.  I got to play with grandpa and grandma would walk and feed me if mommy was late from work or something.  I love grandpa and grandma Lejewaan.  I used to get lots of cookies in the store where grandpa worked.  I miss the cookies too…

Grandpa taught me how to be a parrot and sit on his shoulder.  Well, not exactly sit 'cause I'm a puppy and I have no claws.  But look, this is me with grandpa:

Cuddling hard all day long, that's the way I like it!!

I have no pic's of grandma but she was really nice too.

Grandpa suggested I sell my fleas to the flea circus.  Mommy is not crazy about the idea but I think grandpa might be on to something.  If it works, we can make some extra bucks.  And I already know that 'bucks' can be exchanged into cookies at Ina's store!

I'm going to try and convince mommy to sell the fleas.  Thanks for the tip grandpa Lejewaan.  I miss you and grandma very much! (although here in Gouda I have grandma and Grandpa Haveman.  They are very nice too and I get loads of cookies - so no worries, I'm in good company!)
(although occasionally I get a green bean… I'm not to thrilled about those I must say)

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